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The Healer and the Serpent

The Healer and the Serpent

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The Healer and the Serpent is an original linocut print. It has been hand carved and printed using a late 1800s etching press. Printed on high quality ecofriendly Flora Gardenia paper. Limited edition of 50. Signed and numbered.

The print is 15cm x 15cm plus 2.5cm approx. white margin.

Though snakes are often associated with danger, the underworld and evil, for the ancient Greeks snakes were sacred and associated to the God of medicine, Asclepios. Snakes possess the antivenom against their own poison, just like us. I believe we have the power to heal ourselves.

I want to share with you a quote that describes perfectly The Healer and the Serpent:

-This serpent does not represent "reason" or anything approaching it, but rather symbolises a peculiar autonomous mind which can possess one completely, a spirit of revelation which gives us "Intuitionen" intuitions-

From the book Alchemy by C.G. Jung.

*Biodegradable packaging.



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