About my work

I work with printmaking and print design to create unique hand-made images.

My illustrations often combine imagery derived from dreams and research into mythology and symbols. They are invitations to the viewer to bring attention to the richness of their own inner world, fostering well-being.

Increasingly, my artistic inquiry is focused on exploring the stages of women’s psychological growth, and how these stages are represented symbolically in both the mythology of past civilizations and the imagination of women today.


I graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from the London College of Communication in 2007 and have received further training at the Art Academy London.

Following graduation I worked as a print designer for several fashion retailers. I practiced as a Senior Designer for the acclaimed fashion designer Jonathan Sanders and I am a long-standing collaborator of artist, designer and enterpreneur Cristian Zuzunaga and his brand Zuzunaga.

Since 2020 I've been collaborating as a Senior Print Designer for the established fashion and homeware brand Oliver Bonas.

​Alongside being a working mother of two, I have developed my independent artistic work, a follower base and have set up a studio in SE London with an etching press from the late 1800s. I have recently moved to Bristol and have become an active member of Spike Print Studios.

In 2017 I presented a solo exhibition at Club Casa Camper in Barcelona titled “Welcome to the Show” and in 2020 I was part of the charitable project TotCor (“All Heart”) created to help people express beyond what they can put into words. My prints have been included in the collectable bi-annual publication The Liberty Book (London, 2019) and featured in the bi-lingual journal Wimblu (Costa Rica, 2020) sharing stories at the threshold of ecology and culture.