SAVE THE DATE! You are all invited to the presentation of my project Welcome to the Show! Esteu tots convidats a la presentació del meu projecte Benvinguts al Show! Estáis todos invitados a la presentación de mi proyecto ¡Bienvenidos al Show!


I am delighted to invite you all to the presentation of Cream Cluster. Founded in 2015 by Gil Blancafort, Cream Cluster is the union of creative companies where talent and experience come together thanks to the knowledge of different professionals in many fields: strategists, creatives, producers, architects programmers, art directors, illustrators and chefs. A mixture that seeks innovative and integral solutions through communication.


It was a pleasure to attend Steven Guarnaccia‘s workshop on object books. Children should be able to experiment and explore books and so the book as an object should persist over the digital form. In the workshop Guarnaccia challenged our minds asking us to transform quotidian objects into books and to create a book with no words no images only a title. It was challenging indeed but definitely inspiring and productive. I found his ideas and proposals a great source of inspiration. At the end of the two days workshop we had to come out with a mock up of our own object book. Find more about Steven Guarnaccia here:


Fueron Felices y Comieron Perdices is a metaphor.  The literal translation would be:  they were happy and they ate partridges, the English equivalent to “they lived happily ever after”. In old times only the “bourgeoisie” could eat partridge meat, in Spain considered one of the most delicious of that kind. In other words in order to be happy you had to be powerful, wealthy and healthy. I guess that is why superficially many fairy tales ended that way, so to give the audience some hope for a better life. Talking from a more pscychological perspective I believe that a happy ending means the solution of a psychic problem between the different components that form the human psyche.

This piece is a hand-printed linocut.


Luna Moka, burlesque show girl. This diva is my new inspiration. I have been following her for a while and it is so much fun to watch her versatile character and of course make up and outfits. Her school is based in Strasbourg but you can see her performing all around France and other countries in Europe. To find out where her next performance is visit:


It is amazing the amount of things people leaves in the streets of the city. I’ll never forget my first few years in London. I was living in a shared house in west London, we had equiped the house with unique pieces of furniture found in the streets. It might make sense considering the amount of people that comes and goes every year leaving all their stuff behind but still It would surprise me every time. The fact it is that in west London people would through away unbelievable pieces of furniture/decoration and buy new ones.

The second biggest findings in the streets are books. I have recently got the above one as a “present”. It was found in a pile of books in the streets of New York. In Barcelona you can even find boxes full of DVDs and books labelled: Culture for free. Maybe I am one of those freaks who likes collecting other people’s rubbish or maybe I just value things in a different way. In any case I like the Circus theme, as you can see in some of my work, so this unexpected book was very well received!



Looking around the bookartbookshop in Pitfield Street (London) I found some postcards with illustrations by Franciszka Themerson. Beautiful trace on the black ink drawings. Her work for children’s book it is also good fun.