Anna Ruiz is an illustrator, designer and printmaker whose practice unfolds at the intersection of the imaginary and the real, driven by an ongoing interest in uncovering the deep-rooted layers of the human psyche.

The substance of her work is drawn from the psychology and vocabulary of C.G. Jung, grounded in a curiosity towards understanding human behaviour, specifically the characters we willingly or unwittingly adopt as our own whilst navigating the social sphere. Similarly to stories spun in dreams, myths and fairy tales, Ruiz’ creative work evokes a feeling of mystery and playfulness, as the figures inhabiting her illustrations become symbolic reflections of our own instincts and beliefs.

Anna was born and grew up in Catalonia. In 2001 she moved to London, embarking on a ten-year journey of developing her creative practice as an illustrator and designer.

After graduating from the London College of Communication in 2007, she worked in various positions, from the creation of prints for some of the best high street shops including Topshop, Asos, Miss Selfridge and Mango, to practicing as a Senior Designer for the acclaimed fashion designer Jonathan Saunders.

She is a long-standing collaborator of artist, designer and entrepreneur Cristian Zuzunaga and his brand Zuzunaga, with whom she has worked on the conception of a variety of accessories and products for home interiors.

It has been in the recent years that she has truly come into her artistic voice, whilst undertaking further technical training and experimenting with personal artistic projects.

Text by Hanna Laura Kaljo

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