Linocut prints. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered. 20cm x 30cm and 3cm white margin.

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In this new series of linocut prints, Anna adopts the image of the Circus, a grand-scale performance unveiling our imagination, as representing the wholeness of a person: WELCOME TO THE SHOW! This has the capacity to contain various, contradictory characteristics – some of which we find it easy to associate with, while others are neglected as figures that don’t comply with how we like to see ourselves. In this scenario we are rendered both the performer and the audience, playing and witnessing the unfolding of our identity. Each character, exaggerated for the purpose of revealing its innermost core, has a specific role in staging and testing the limits of our physical and spiritual capacities.

It is in this timeless pathway between the inner and outer, that we find the gradual striving for personal growth in each one of us. Ruiz’ work captures a selection of the physical and symbolic qualities that constellate within our unique selves, while depicting them in their archetypal form and inviting us to recognise the characters we ourselves gravitate towards.   

While the foundation of Ruiz’ creative work is laid via drawing by hand, it has been in relief printing that she has found the ideal quality, effect and method for uniquely reproducing her ideas to match her vision. Even though this relatively slow technique allows time for control and concentration, there is always an element of unpredictability and surprise: the final artwork is a composition of many various factors, from the material to the environmental. The art of relief printing intensifies the senses, as the texture of the paper, the sound of the roller when inked, the smell and even the temperature of the room form an integral part of the creative process.

Text by Hanna Laura Kaljo